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Who Is D. Jones The General?

D. Jones The General aka International Jones is a veteran artist from Charlotte, NC. The influences of Lil Wayne, Nas, Daddy Yankee, El General (Prod. By Michael F. Ellis), Bob Marley, and Vybz Kartel, among other greats, have helped shape, inspire, and influence “The General” in life, as well as in the studio. Following years of studying with Michael F. Ellis, the “Padre de Reggaeton”, and taking time to figure out the business, he stood his ground to create the perfect package and is now independently releasing his new music this year as a long-awaited reintroduction. A double threat in that, D. Jones is educated on the business and marketing side of his brand development and the fact that he is still a true artist at heart makes him just that much better for fans to enjoy and investors to partner with. Both make it unstoppable against all competition and ensure the best possible music quality and fan participation, or as he would say, “More Fiyah!” D. Jones plans to use the experience with real-time concepts to take his music career to the next level. Cultural inclusion at its finest! In association with Creation Entertainment and DubElectro Global, The General proceeds to march and make his mark on the international music movement.


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